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The solid state relay control unit combines in a single product the protection and the management of the electrical devices on the machine.

The advantage of using a solid state relay control unit allows a

simplification of the 50% of the cable harness which is normally

connects the standard fuse and relays box.

The solid state relays can be programmed according to the user’s needs with current loads up to 20 amps.

The enclosure is IP67 certified, so the electronics are protected

from weathering and dust.

The control unit is designed to manage the electrical system

of construction equipment, tractors, construction machinery, motorboat.



Solid state relay unit

Standard fuse and relay boxes


• Life duration/reliability

• Reduced response time

• No mechanical part in movement no recoil

• No mechanical wear

• Compatibility with digital circuit

• Shock resistance

• Noiseless working



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Multifunction electronic unit

The control ECU101 has been carefully designed to bring together in a single product all the management of the electrical

functions of a Custom motorcycle.



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• Sealed enclosure protection degree IP67, resistant to vibration, salt spray, industrial fluid

• Automatic resettable fuses integrated on the electronic

circuit protecting the main powered functions, no need

of external blade fuses.

• All wiring comes at a single point and this means a easier

cabling procedure

• Integrated ferrite filtering to eliminate electromagnetic


• Retaining screw  on the connector

• 1,5 mm2 Power contact

• Overall dimension length 180 mm x width 140 mm x

height 50 mm, weight 350 grams.