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 Junction box for electrovalves  and stabilizers limit sensors

The junction box CB101  allows to wire  20 electrovalves  and 12  stabilizers limit sensors. The junction box can be customized according to customer requirements with regard to mounting holes, length of the connecting cable to the control panel.

The possibility of single cable disconnection   allows to provide  rapid assistance   in the event of faults, wear or damage of the cable.


The box is built in  plastic material specifically designed to withstand the toughest environments, mineral oils, fuel etc.





Cables to connect electrovalves

Cable harness for stabilizer limit sensors

The kit includes rapid wiring connection cables fitted with the electrovalve Connector type A  DIN 43650, EN 175301-803, ISO 4400 or different connector type and 4  cable harness  to connect the limit sensors of the 4 stabilizers. Each cable is labeled with an indication of the type of connection and the same indication in printed on the junction box. The electrovalve connectors are built in polyurethane molded on a polyurethane cable to ensure the maximum durability, maximum resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents.